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Griffin Consulting and Investment Ltd are a Vendor Neutral Recruitment Services provider. We work with your existing supply chain to identify who you are using for labour supply and how they are performing based upon a number of key criteria.

Griffin Consulting and Investment exist to save you money. We are so confident that we can save you money that we charge nothing for our initial consultation and ongoing service charges are calculated based on savings realised by our customers.

We're so confident that we can save you money that we make no up-front charge for using our services, meaning that we provide a totally self-funding solution. We specialise in working with SME businesses helping them reduce their costs and improve operational efficiency when using temporary staff.

Using temporary staff is an essential part of running any nimble and lean business, assisting with sourcing skills, managing seasonality and coping with growth / customer acquisition. The recruitment marketplace is crowded and legally complex, and it can be difficult to ensure operational delivery, cost efficiency and compliance.

Our management team have many years experience in providing recruitment services in Director / Senior Management positions, and as such are uniquely placed to deliver partnership based solutions which get the best out of your temporary staffing providers.

Using this senior level expertise, we have developed our 5 stage system which is guaranteed to deliver the service you require in the most competitive way possible:

So if you want to save money, improve the quality of staff provided and make your compliance and back office processes more efficient, get in touch today